Sunday, November 16, 2008


Marley is my little athlete. (Here she is pictured with baby sister Merril) This two year old is so physically active that as soon as she turns three years old, I’m placing her in a little soccer league. She sure needs to burn the extra energy. Right now I am struggling with taking her pacifier away. I think her frontal teeth have rotated slightly because of it, and she bites the nukies through at times! This can also pose a chocking hazard. It is a struggle, for what mother doesn’t just want the crying to stop? How easy it is to just hand her the nuki and have her instantly calm down. So I went and bought her the last pair of pacifiers on Friday. I gave them to her and said these were her last, that if she bites them, they break, “biting makes holes”. She looked at me with this surprised look and exclaimed “oh-oh”.

Painting with Heart

I gave up a career in architecture to take care of my daughter and to pursue a goal of applying to graduate school for a Masters in Fine Art. John Lennon was right by saying life happens while you are making plans, as our life is nothing like we could have ever imagined having given birth to my first child with a Congenital Heart Defect.

So I need a coherent body of work to present for my portfolio… yes, with three it will take many years, but by that time they will be old enough that I might even apply. Right now I’m just using it as my motivator, a goal even if in the very distant future to reach. Stick with me and I’ll share my walk with you. Art has always been in my heart, and my kids shape a big part of that.

Yesterday was a good workday, Michael, my husband took the girls, Michaela and Marley, to the park for a couple of hours. I stayed home with Baby Merril and she is a piece of cake to keep happy.
Today I am working on the section pictured here. It represents a heart...

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm virtually here

My name is Roxana and I'm a Mom to three little girls, aged 4 1/2, 2, and 5 months. You wonder what time I might have left for painting pursuits, I do try to sneak in a little stroke of paint here and there. Life is not as simple as it seems though, for my oldest daughter just received a heart transplant in April of this year...

Where to begin I wonder if God asked that out loud in the beginning... We are just adjusting to family life once again after a long hospitalization for my Daughter Michaela. She received a new heart in April of this year. I can’t say that this has been the smoothest year, but at least we have our daughter and her little sisters with us. Now as for painting, that has been a challenge over the past four years altogether. I'm starting a series of abstract landscapes 48" X 60" and it sure has been hard to keep little toddler hands from wanting to help Mommy paint. This one on the right is an old one that I love to pick at here and then. It's called DRAINAGE TUBES WITH MITOCHONDRIA COLONY. Having removed the cobwebs, I am once again eager to work on this one, too.